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Warwick Drinking Studies Network International Conference 2013: « Biographies of Drink »

Programme :

Samedi 9 février

  • MATIN : Panel Session – Governance and Regulation
Chair: James NICHOLLS, Alcohol Research UK
Rachel MACLEAN, Anglia Ruskin Uni.
‘The Democratisation of Access to Drink: Visibility of Drinking Women and the Moral Threat of Transgressing Normative Femininity’
Paul JENNINGS, Uni. of Bradford
‘An Episode in the Long Decline of the English Pub: the 1904 Licensing Act’
Henry YEOMANS, Uni. of Leeds
‘Regulating Drink in Wartime: Comparing the British Response to Alcohol in World War One and World War Two’
Dan MALLECK, Brock Uni., Ontario
‘Barman asks: What’ll you have?: Breweries, Beverage Rooms, and a Decent Glass of Beer in Post-Prohibition Ontario’ 

Panel Session – Spatial Contexts and Material Culture
Chair: David HITCHCOCK, Uni. of Warwick
Shaun MUDD, Uni. of Exeter
‘Trier Black-Slipped Ware and Constructive Drinking in Roman Britain’
Charlie SMALL, Uni. of Warwick
'From the Daily Tot to "Dead by Cap-a-Bar": The Role of Drink Afloat in the Eighteenth-Century Royal Navy'
Chris ROUNTREE and Rupert ACKROYD, Pubco Research Centre
'Temples of the Worst Passion: Design Aesthetics in J.D. Wetherspoons' 

Panel Session – Drinks and Identities
Chair: Beat KÜMIN, Uni. of Warwick
Dorota LEWANDOWSKA, Nicolas Copernicus Uni., Poland
‘Traditional and Polish Tokay versus Modern Foreign Champagne: Expressing Identity with Wine at the End of the 17th Century and the Beginning of the 19th Century in Poland'
Rochelle PEREIRA, Uni. of Guelph, Ontario
‘Men of Outstanding Achievement: Representations of Respectability and African American Masculinity in Seagram and Hiram Walker Whisky Advertisements, 1950-1970’
Thomas THURNELL-READ, Coventry Uni.
‘The Changing Fortunes of the ‘Real’ in the Campaign for Real Ale’ 

Roundtable Discussion – Policy and Impact: What – and How – Can Work in the Field of Drinking Studies Contribute to Contemporary Debates?
Chair: Mark HAILWOOD, Uni. of Cambridge
Virginia BERRIDGE, Historian, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Chris HACKLEY, Marketing Professor, Royal Holloway
James NICHOLLS, Research Manager, Alcohol Research UK

Dimanche 10 février

  • MATIN : 
Panel Session – Drink, Gender and the Self
Chair: Thomas THURNELL-READ, Coventry Uni.
Stella MOSS, Royal Holloway, Uni. of London
'"Alcohol Fiends"?: Young Women's Drinking in Early Twentieth-century Britain'
Alison MACKIEWICZ, Uni. of Bath
‘Young Women, Know Your Limits!: The Relationship between Young Women and Alcohol in the 21st Century UK'
Steven EARNSHAW, Sheffield Hallam Uni.
‘Drink: Dissolution: Antibiography’ 

Panel Session – Controlling Consumption: Medical, Family and Community Responses
Chair: Geoffrey HUNT, Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research, University of Aarhus/Institute for Scientific Analysis, San Francisco
Matthieu LECOUTRE, Uni. of Francois-Rabelais, Tours, France
'Jean Mousin, Doctor of Drunkenness in the Seventeenth Century'
Annemarie MCALLISTER, Uni. of Central Lancashire
‘Temperance and Community Identity in Preston, 1832 - 2012’
Clare HOLDSWORTH, Keele Uni.
‘Families we live by? Understanding Drinking Across Generations’
Michael MOORE, Israel Institute of Technology
'“I stopped drinking and started living when my mother died!”: A Case-Study from Psychotherapy' 

Panel Session – Constructive Drinking? Drink and Community
Chair: Matthew JACKSON, Uni. of Warwick
David ROSENTHAL, Uni. of Bath
‘Wine Talking: Taverns, Reform and Community in Early Modern Italy’
Noelle PLACK, Newman Uni. College
‘Drinking and Rebelling: Wine, Taxes and Popular Protest in the French Revolution’
David MUGGLETON, Uni. of Chichester
‘Lubrication in Moderation: Culturally Locating the Ancient Order of Froth Blowers' 

Roundtable Discussion – Conference Conclusions: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on the 'Biographies of Drink' Approach
Chair: Deborah TONER, Uni. of Leicester
James KNEALE, Social Geographer, UCL
Beat KÜMIN, Historian, Uni. of Warwick
Hilary PILKINGTON, Sociologist, Uni. of Manchester

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